Friday, May 15, 2015

Garden Visit from Slow Food + Chipotle

This week, Anneliese had the opportunity to showcase its amazing Willowbrook Garden through a special visit from members of the Slow Food and Chipotle communities. Two of our guests - Lauren and Andy - hailed from the Slow Food USA headquarters in Denver, CO, where they work on developing school garden programs across the country. Our third guest, Marnie Henziak, oversees Chipotle's outreach and marketing programs here in the Orange County region. Our visitors were blown away by the natural paradise that our students get to experience every day, and they were very interested in learning more about our Garden Programs, especially the cooking curriculum and our newly launched Farmer's Market series. They will be posting a spotlight of our garden on their blog to share with the school garden community across America! Slow Food, in collaboration with Chipotle, brought us a beautiful Welcome Sign to add to the Willowbrook Garden, which we had applied for and won a few months earlier. We look forward to fostering partnerships with Slow Food and Chipotle, both of which are working to create a more nutritious, ethical, sustainable, and culinarily diverse food system - something that Anneliese Schools strives to support.  

Planting Milkweed

We planted native milkweed in our garden to attract Monarch butterflies!